System Requirements
- macOS 10.13 or greater / Windows Not Support Yet.
- Apple Silicon or Intel Based x64
- Minimum Ram 8 GB

You must enter your credit or debit card details for verification in order to validate your account. which won't charge any fees Additionally, we are not the ones who gather your card details. Use the extremely secure Stripe service to authenticate your details.

Software-based operations are necessary for both activation and deactivation procedures. To activate, simply log in on a desktop software, and the system software will automatically initiate the activation process on your behalf. Conversely, to deactivate, you must log in on desktop software and navigate to the user settings, where you can choose the deactivate option.

In the event of a lost or damaged computer on a previously activated device, you should reach out to support through email to seek assistance. Once we retrieve your license, it will not be possible to activate any license on that specific computer, even if you recover it later.

It's important to note that this service is exclusively available for customers who have purchased the annual package.

If you are utilizing the monthly subscription option, we suggest canceling your current subscription and then signing up again. This approach ensures a smooth transition and allows you to start afresh with a new subscription.

Now It's Free. You can make subscription and it not charge.

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